Photo Flood 117: Near North Riverfront

Photo by Jen Smith

Near North Riverfront is not a neighborhood in the conventional sense of the word, it is a long strip of sparsely populated land that is primarily composed of industrial, commercial, and abandoned real estate that lies between the Mississippi River and the stretch of parallel interstate 70 that cut it off from the rest of the city.  For example, the middle portion was part of Old North Saint Louis before the interstate was built, which we discussed in that article:

Photo by Mike Matney

Photo by Bailey Elizbeth Rogers

That description however belies the historical, industrial and architectural significance of Near North Riverfront, which is well described in the article for our previous (first) visit in 2015.  Which was prompted by the proposal to build a new NFL stadium there:  We wanted to take a look before any demolition and construction began.  Of course, the stadium project never materialized, and over six years later, we have found that little has changed.

Photo by Maureen Minich

Photo by Meredith Bousman

But great potential remains.  The St. Louis Development Corp., the city’s development arm, is taking another look at the north riverfront area, approving a $30,000 contract to update the 2015 study.

Photo by Irene Griggs

And, investor Greg Jordan has opened the Jordan’s Warehouse hotel and The Broadway Boat Bar next door to mainstay Shady Jack’s biker bar, which we visited in 2015.  Jordan has high hopes for Near North Riverfront and would like to invest further, but he does have concerns.  Read more here:

Photo by Caren Libby

Photo by Diana Linsley

Here is another great article:

Photo by Joe Rakers

Photo by Matt Brown

Photo by Meredith Bousman

Coincidentally, our visit fell on the weekend of the St. Louis Midwest Bikers Festival at (and around) Shady Jack’s, so we got lots of great motorcycle shots!

Photo by RJ Wilner

Photo by Ryan Archer

Photo by Sue Rakers

Photo by Maureen Minich

Photo by Mike Matney

Photo by Irene Griggs

Photo by RJ Wilner

Photo by Meredith Bousman

Photo by Dave Adams


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