Terms and Conditions

i. By joining Photo Flood Saint Louis (hereby PFSTL), the member agreeably releases PFSTL from all liability for any personal injury or property damage/loss incurred while participating at a sponsored event. It is also understood that any PFSTL member involved in any illegal behavior or otherwise illicit conduct during a PFSTL event shall assume full legal responsibility for their own actions, and will not hold PFSTL accountable in any way.

PFSTL does not condone illegal behavior, or behavior that makes another person feel violated, bullied or otherwise undermined. Any violation of this personal conduct agreement may result in immediate termination of membership and any membership benefits. The decision to remove a member from the group will remain at the discretion of the PFSTL administrator(s).

ii. By uploading image content to Photo Flood Saint Louis (hereby PFSTL), the member grants a non-exclusive license to PFSTL to reproduce this imagery upon PFSTL’s website, in non-commercial promotions for PFSTL, and in any news media coverage of the group.

Content (image, written or otherwise) uploaded to the PFSTL website and social media must be the intellectual property of the uploader. Any violation of this assumption is the legal responsibility of the uploader, for which PFSTL can not be made liable.

iii. The member agrees to not hold Photo Flood Saint Louis liable for any information lost or altered from the site, including images, written content, etc., due to accidental deletion, hacking, or other unforeseen circumstances.

For this reason, it is recommended that the PFSTL site and social media not be used as primary storage mechanisms for sensitive data

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