Mini-Flood 81: Historic Route 66

Mini-Flood 81: Historic Route 66

photo by Joe Rakers Route 66 was immortalized by John Steinbeck who called it “the mother road” in The Grapes of Wrath.  It inspired a hit song (“Get your kicks on Route 66”) and a TV show (“Route 66”).  The Phillips 66 Company is named after Route 66, where...

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Mini-Flood 80: Quarantine

photo by Ann Aurbach Friends and readers, we’ve had some unusual days as of late, but no matter what the universe has thrown our way over the last 7.5 years, Photo Flood Saint Louis has never shied away from documenting it. It was therefore imperative that we do something...

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Photo Flood 89: North Pointe

photo by Jason Gray A quaint, middle class neighborhood, North Pointe has mostly defied the negative connotations of St. Louis’ north side. From crime (North Pointe is roughly the same size and has roughly the same crime rate per capita as Holly Hills, a neighborhood on the south side...

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Photo Flood 88: Mark Twain

photo by Mike Matney Mark Twain is a north side residential neighborhood that sits between Bellefontaine Cemetery and Interstate 70. It is a mixture of the past and present, that tests the positive and negative aspects of both. photo by Sue Rakers

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