Mini-Flood 62: Mary Meachum Freedom Crossing Celebration

Mini-Flood 62: Mary Meachum Freedom Crossing Celebration

photo by Dave Adams The Mary Meachum Freedom Crossing Celebration, an annual commemorative event now in its 16th year, is themed this year to recall the unfair treatment of minorities (both racial and ethnic) in the “Anthropology Village” of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition (aka 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair)....

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Mini-Flood 61: Cherokee Street

photo by Paul Sableman While no street is completely static, Cherokee Street is one that has seen remarkably dramatic changes over time and is still in flux as it passes through the space of four neighborhoods in a little over one mile.  In physics, the “space-time continuum” refers to...

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Mini-Flood 60: Fort Belle Fontaine County Park

photo by Isaac Richardson Fort Belle Fontaine, the first U.S. Military fort west of the Mississippi, harbored Lewis and Clark upon return from their westward exploration in 1806. Though the stone structures appear very old, they are not a part of the original Fort. The walls and stairs were...

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Photo Flood 69: King’s Oak

Photo Flood 69: King's Oak

photo by Allen Casey A small neighborhood in South St. Louis that was originally part of the Cheltenham community, King’s Oak is now home to Saint Louis University High School, Saint Louis Science Center, STL TV, light manufacturing, a dog park, and a small population of permanent residents. photo...

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Photo Flood 68: Skinker DeBaliviere

photo by Joe Rakers Like the DeBaliviere Place neighborhood, Skinker DeBaliviere owes much of its existence (or at least its development) to the dedication of Forest Park and its hosting of the 1904 World’s Fair. The neighborhood sits right on the western edge of the city, directly against one...

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Photo Flood 67: Marine Villa

photo by Lina Walz-Salvador Marine Villa is the formerly German neighborhood home to the iconic Lemp Brewery complex, Cherokee Street Antique Row (under a slow conversion over to a retail and dining destination similar to what’s on Cherokee west of Jefferson), and some of the southside’s quirkiest historic buildings....

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