Photo Flood 4: The Patch

jasongray 01photograph by Jeni Kulka

Hiding out in the far southern tip of the city is a wonderful, historic neighborhood with architectural characteristics representing a Creole and (later) German heritage. The Patch is a true gem that is often overshadowed by the larger Carondelet neighborhood to its north and west. This is a shame because The Patch has a lot to offer, from one-of-a-kind stone buildings (some Civil War era), to fantastic restaurants and shops, to great craft beer.

jasongray 09photograph by Andy Holman

jasongray 12photograph by Jeni Kulka

jasongray 04photograph by Jason Gray

jasongray 13photograph by Sunjoo Lee

jasongray 20photograph by Joshua Meyer

jasongray 16photograph by Joshua Meyer

In recent years, The Patch has experienced a bit of a revitalization with new businesses and organizations clustered along South Broadway and near the Ivory Triangle. The neighborhood was once a thriving district for manufacturing. Read a nice write-up on the Carondelet Coke Smelting Plant here.

jasongray 10photograph by Jeni Kulka

jasongray 06photograph by Jeni Kulka

jasongray 08photograph by Patrick Gioia

jasongray 14photograph by Theresa Harter

jasongray 03photograph by Theresa Harter

jasongray 18photograph by Jason Gray

jasongray 05photograph by Jeni Kulka

jasongray 17photograph by Theresa Harter

jasongray 19photograph by Theresa Harter

jasongray 07photograph by Jeni Kulka

Halo Calvino, in his The Adventure of a Photographer wrote, “Photographed reality immediately takes on a nostalgic character…” This statement could not be better illustrated than by the images from this Flood, for the patchwork of this neighborhood is impossible to pass through without invoking a relic or two.

jasongray 15photograph by Joshua Meyer

jasongray 11photograph by Chris Naffziger

jasongray 02photograph by Jeni Kulka

Map: 149104_301978599903473_896516120_n

Our end point is not as pictured on the map. We had to make a last minute revision on where to meet-up afterward, and decided on the fabulous Melt in the Ivory Triangle. The Melt is a cozy neighborhood cafe with a wide-range of waffle options (our samplings were quite good). It’s an excellent place to hang with friends on a lazy Saturday… (Note: The Melt relocated to Cherokee Street, but unfortunately has closed again.)

patch 04photography by Jeni Kulka

  1. Wendi Fitzgerald 12 years ago

    Nice photos and presentation!

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