COVID-19 Announcement


For 7.5 years, Photo Flood Saint Louis has documented the neighborhoods, businesses, institutions and people of St. Louis, and during this time, we have cancelled only one event (out of more than 180). Therefore, it is not without some trepidation and sadness that we announce that all PFSTL events will be postponed until after the threat of the current coronavirus has passed. We agree that an essential response to slowing the virus’ spread is social distancing, and that our group events do not adhere to this strategy. We also feel that, even if our members were to maintain the recommended distance of 6 feet from other individuals, the simple presence of photographers in some neighborhoods, during this time, could create unintended stress or anxiety for the residents of those communities who may be under a self- or other mandated quarantine.

In the meantime, we recognize that many of our members are working artists, freelancers, or are otherwise impacted by sudden cancellations or losses of work. With this in mind, we will be opening up our social platforms to members who would like to use them to promote their (safe) services during this time or to sell prints to supplement a potential loss of income. Followers will see posts advertising our members’ offerings, and we encourage and hope that you will considering supporting some of them, if you have the means or interest to do so.

Please direct any questions or concerns to or by direct messaging us through the social platform of your choice.


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