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Come visit with members of Photo Flood Saint Louis on Friday, April 10th, during the opening for a PFSTL themed exhibition curated by Andrea and Sarah-Marie Land, whose statement is below.

“The Exhibition explores a variety of photographic perspectives and enigmatic experiences in direct relation to specific spaces in St. Louis. Investigating the color photographs, the audience is presented with a dynamic collection of environmental landscapes ranging from downtown architectural structures to aerial perspectives of Lafayette Square gardens to a community swimming pool at Fairground Park. Working on both an individual and collaborative basis within the context of the group, the community of Photo Flood photographers strives to create a connection between other photographers, as well as presenting work to a diverse and widespread audience. Following, on a monthly basis, the assemblage of artists dedicates several hours to visually investigating a distinctive neighborhood in St. Louis. The images in the exhibition span the duration of several years and suggest a distinctive acquaintance with the city. Interacting with the work, new experiences arise with familiar spaces and structures as the photographers experiment with such elements as angle, proximity, and saturation.”

Exhibiting Artists: Jason Gray, Steven Ley, Theresa Harter, Chris Naffziger, Patrick Gioia, Yeni Kulka, Ann Aurbach, Amanda Joern, Anne Warfield, Scott Jackson, James Palmour, Dawn McCausland-Mills, Kait Mauro, Dan Henrichs, Diane Cannon Piwowarczyk


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