photograph by Dan Henrichs Photography, St. Louis

Downtown is a large, iconic neighborhood, central to St. Louis life and culture. Photo Flood Saint Louis has visited this area on two separate occasions, each with a different emphasis:

1. Photo Flood 1

2. Photo Flood 13

3. Photo Flood 24

  1. […] in 1849 as a place for bodies of an older Downtown cemetery to be moved, making the area Downtown suitable for development. After the Cholera Epidemic and Fire of that same year, it became clear […]

  2. […] were more opulent and with less city intervention than the ones they were leaving behind, near Downtown, in Lafayette Square, or in Compton Heights. Furthermore, because these private places were new, […]

  3. […] population was expanding rapidly, and the land, whereupon the area’s first cemetery stood Downtown, needed to be cleared for development. The city responded by establishing two new cemeteries, one […]

  4. […] to be temporary), it seems now well-poised for success and to attract much extra business to Downtown. Certainly, if the photographs on this page are any indication, it already knows how to welcome a […]

  5. […] was the last showboat to operate on the Mississippi River, and afterward was moored to the levee downtown for several decades as a destination for live theater and ragtime music. Since, the ship has fallen […]

  6. […] immigration to St. Louis resumed. By this time, the neighborhoods directly north and south of Downtown were swollen to capacity, and so newly arrived people began to live further west, southwest and […]

  7. […] the country at the time, with beautiful wide boulevards (proposed) and a rail line connecting it to Downtown. Up until this point, most population expansion in the city had stretched north and south of […]

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